Despite Negative Opinion T-Mobile CEO John Legere Strongly Believes In A Sprint Merger



There is much debate about the possibility of Sprint buying T-mobile and there are mixed emotions and opinions about the nature of such an acquisition. Some T-mobile fans and customers are shuddering. Others are trying to keep an open mind and see if it might better things. Some Sprint fans and customers are probably embracing the idea. Personal opinions aside, Sprint customers should be begging for this to happen. Especially if the rumor about John Legere taking over as CEO is true. T-Mobiles growth these past two years has been something no one probably outside the company expected or was hopeful for. Before Legere, T-mobile was going down a dangerous path that might not have ended up so good for the U.S. 4th largest wireless carrier. Their incredible turn around though should give hope to even the bleakest of situations, which in this case, would be the onset of hurdles that Sprint and its customers have had to face. Even though T-Mobile has seen some great improvements under their new CEO, that doesn't mean they are completely out of the woods. If things were all fine and dandy, Deutsche Telekom who is the majority share holder, wouldn't be trying to sell as if their life depended on it. However, on the flip side of things just because T-mobile's parent company wants to sell doesn't mean that they don't have a bright future. Things are getting better and they're only going up for Big Magenta.

Here's why, according to Legere, a Sprint and T-Mobile merger would be a good thing for the consumers and both companies, and why it essentially makes sense. Aside from the same argument we've been hearing in regards to the smaller carriers having a hard time competing against the likes of AT&T and Verizon Wireless due to their massive size and deep pockets, John Legere thinks that there are other reasons why regulators should be happy to approve and be in favor of a merger between the 3rd and 4th largest U.S. carriers. It's not just that it would give the smaller carriers a chance to foster more competition, but in T-mobile's case, Legere is open to the idea of consolidating the two smallest major carriers if it means that one could benefit from the spectrum gain and the other could benefit from the rapid customer growth and success of an outspoken leader.

John Legere also stands to receive a significant bump in the financial department if this deal goes through, which is something that any CEO should rightfully be excited about. People have their doubts of course, but current customers of both companies could stand to gain something here too. T-mobile customers could end up with more widespread coverage due to Sprint's larger quantity of spectrum and Sprint customers could see better data speeds thanks to T-Mobile. Those are just obvious things. There of course is the fear that merging the two smaller companies will only end up giving cause to hike prices up down the road. However Legere seems very passionate about his subscribers and if appointed the new CEO of Sprint in the wake of a T-Mobile buyout, there's still every reason to believe that he would want to continue doing things the way he's been doing them for the past two years. Which is catering to the concerns of the customer and making every attempt to lower prices and offer great value to the consumer and the wireless industry.

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