Designer Google Glass Frames And Shades From Diane Von Furstenberg Now Available

Back at the beginning of June we reported that Prominent American Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg would be bringing her design expertise and sense of style to the world of Google Glass. This didn't meant that she and her design studio team would be making new pairs of Google Glass but merely designing a new, more fashion conscious pair of Google Glass frames meant for the more fashion forward Glass Explorer. If you're a glass explorer but also a Fashionista on the inside, you are now able to show off that sense of style on the outside, that is if you find the DVF line of frames to be any more fashionable than the ones that are already available.

For now Google Glass remains to have the stigma about it that it is simply a nerdy looking face worn computer that has a level dorky-ness, which is only exceeded by it's capability to make those around you not wearing Glass feel uncomfortable. That isn't the case everywhere of course, and there are likely many places where it doesn't really receive any negative attention at all. That is a discussion for another day though. If you wake up every day and just can't find the right outfit to go with your pair of Glass, perhaps a pair of frames from the new DVF line can help.

There are five different frame styles to choose from each with its own color of shades and shade design, all costing a total price of $1,800 for the setup of Google Glass with the DVF designer frames and shades attached. If you find it relatively easy to stomach the already high cost of the Google Glass Explorer beta set of face worn tech specs, what's an extra few hundred bucks to score yourself a pair of newly mint designer shades to go with it? You can of course still choose to stick to the original styled frames that were made for glass which you can grab straight from Google, which will only cost an extra $0 dollars now that the frames are considered a complimentary accessory on the Glass site.

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