Deal: Amazon Discounts Fire TV And Kindle Fire HDX 7 To $249 In Bundle Package

June 1, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Amazon has just dropped the price of picking up a Kindle Fire HDX 7 and the Amazon Fire TV, and lumped them both into a bundle for those who have been considering both as a potential new buy. Normally to pick up both devices it would cost you $329.99, but starting today Amazon is bundling both products together for the price of $249.99, saving anyone who was wanting to pick both of these up $80 out of pocket. The Amazon Fire TV goes better with the game controller so you might want to consider adding the order in for that which will be an extra $39.99 if you choose to pick it up. Although not required as part of the bundle, you will need it to play games on the Amazon Fire TV, and purchasing the controller also gets you 1,000 free amazon coins, it also gets you the Amazon exclusive third person Tower Defense game Sev Zero with the purchase of the controller as well, normally costing $6.99. The bundle is for the 16GB model of the kindle Fire HDX 7, so think of it as paying regular price for the Amazon Fire TV which is $99.99, and saving $80 on the tablet which is regular $229.99.