The Daily Show Makes fun of Google Glass

June 13, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

On last night’s episode of The Daily Show, Jason Jones made fun of Google Glass. It was actually pretty funny. For those interested, we’ve got the video down below with the clip from that show. According to 9to5Google, they were contacted a few months ago by The Daily Show for a few Glass explorers and they got The Daily Show in touch with a few Explorers over in the San Francisco area, which is where this clip came from. We all pretty much knew what to expect from Jason Jones with Google Glass, but it’s still worth a watch. Especially when he makes his own version of Glass.

As many have stated already, the public opinion of Glass is pretty dull. Many people think that you’re always recording them or taking pictures of them with Glass on, when you are probably aren’t. We’ve also had numerous reports of people getting kicked out of casinos, movie theaters and other places with Google Glass on. One journalist even got his Glass ripped off his face and thrown on the ground, breaking them. In this video, we have Steven Mautone, Cecilia Abadie, E John Feig, and Keith Achorn, all Glass Explorers from the San Francisco Bay area. You may remember Cecilia Abadie from a few months ago. She was the one that got a ticket for wearing Glass while driving and fought that ticket, and actually won. 

The clip is a bit lengthy, but it is pretty funny. So if you have a few minutes, It’s definitely worth a watch, just have to get past the ads from Hulu+ first. How many of you are excited about Google Glass? I wonder what Glass Explorers really think about this little jab that The Daily Show took at them? Let us know in the comments down below.