CyanogenMod Releases Their “I Void Warranties” Tee So You can Sport Your Love For CM

June 2, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you love the popular CyanogenMod ROM there is really no better way to show your support and love for the aftermarket firmware than by wearing it on your sleeve. Or in this case, on your chest. The newly developed and most recent build of CyanogenMod is not in digital form, but in fact pasted all over the front of this newly minted awesome CyanogenMod T-shirt for all to see. Running the CyanogeMod ROM on your device is a great way to flash your colors, but only those who see or handle your device will truly know that you love Cid and all he has to offer. If you’re wearing this tee however, anyone who sees you on the street passing by will be aware of your chosen ROM allegiances and that you’re proud of it.

If you’re excited about the shirts release just as much as the latest build and you just have to have one of your own, you can grab the tee from the CyanogenMod Shop. The shirt displays a picture of Cid depicted as a super hero with a flowing white cape and muscular form. Cid is accompanied by a simple message that he holds true in heart of hearts and aims to spread through all the land. The message simply states that “I void warranties, and so can you. Get.CM”. The team at CM is really no more a super hero than you or I, but it sure can feel like they are when they’re liberating your device from the constraints of locked bootloaders and stock builds with less customization.

If you use CM or have at one point, or may even consider doing so again at some point in the future, or if you just love cheeky t-shirts, you can grab yourself a Super Cid tee from the link above and shout out to the world(not literally of course, but if you feel like doing so we won’t try to stop you, just be mindful of children and old folks as they have sensitive hearing)that you love CM and are proud of it. Warranties? We don’t need no stinkin’ warranties! If you bleed Cyan here’s your chance to show it.