CM Theme Showcase Heading to Google Play on June 16th


CyanogenMod is probably the most well-known custom ROM out there. The reason being is that they support devices for years and they support so many of them, a few hundred devices. They've already launched their CM Apps app onto the Play Store, and now it looks like they are bringing another app to the Play Store. This time it's the Theme Showcase. And it's just as you thought. It's basically an app that showcases all of the apps for CyanogenMod. The CM Theme Showcase first debuted on the OnePlus One earlier this year, and now it's coming to many other devices, as soon as it launches on the Play Store.

Many of you may be wondering why CyanogenMod announced it about 10 days ahead of release. Well that's to get developers working on some themes so when it does launch we have plenty to choose from. Cyanogen's Community Specialist Brian Resnik posted the announcement on Reddit and also posted some requirements for submissions.


Theme info:
Title – Your theme's name
Author – Your name
Package Name – Your package's namespace on the Play Store (e.g. com.flux.theme.flux)
Store Price – Cost on Play Store (if free, leave blank)
Version – Version string (e.g. "1.5.2")
versionCode – Current version code for Play Store listing (e.g. "25")
Description – A one to three sentence description of your theme. (e.g. "GreatFreedom is a theme that is stylishly designed with solid colors, I tried to keep it as close to stock CM as possible apart from the icons.")
Tags – Metatags for your theme (e.g. "60+ icons, Blacked out")
Features – A list of CM-engine features your theme supports. Valid features are: STYLE, WALLPAPER, LOCKSCREEN, FONTS, ICONS, BOOTANIMATION, SOUNDS

You can find out more from his Google+ post as well as the Reddit thread which is linked down below. It's going to be sweet to get some new themes for our Android phones now, that's something that Apple didn't add in iOS 8.