A Closer Look: Knock Code on the LG G3

One of the bigger features on the LG G Pro 2 that was announced earlier this year was Knock Code. Which was built on the Knock On feature that was in the G2. Knock On was built as a way to turn on your phone without touching the power button on the back of the device, which started with the LG G2. Knock Code basically allows you to create a lock pattern for you device. You have four sections and you can tap each one between 3 and 8 times. So there are over 80,000 combinations to use to secure your device. Making it much more secure than a PIN or password on your smartphone.

So how do you set up Knock Code? Jump into Settings > Display > Lock Screen > Select Screen Lock and tap on Knock Code. Now it'll ask you to create a combination of taps for your lock screen. Then confirm it. Now it'll ask you to do a backup PIN number which is between 4 and 6 characters. And voila, you're all done. The video at the bottom of this post will show you how to set it up, for those having trouble.

Knock Code is single handedly the best feature of the LG G3 in my opinion. Even though it didn't debut on the G3. The reason why I think it's the best is because it's going to make more people use the feature and secure their smartphone. LG is pushing Knock Code pretty hard. Pushing it to every device running KitKat or higher. That includes mid-range and low-end devices as well, like the LG F70 and Lucid 3. You can tap your code into the G3 with the screen off, which is a big deal to me. It's one less thing to unlock my phone. Instead of turning on the display and then putting in my password, or this case my code, it's all one action. Talk about ease of use.

You'll want to stay tuned to Android Headlines over the next week or two, as we'll be doing a ton of G3 coverage over the next few weeks.

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