Chef Jamie Oliver Shows Off His First Recipe While Wearing Google Glass


Of all the things that Google Glass has been involved in, this has to be one of the tastiest examples of how Google Glass can enhance the human experience on any given day doing just what it is you love. In Jamie Oliver's case,(Who is Jamie Oliver? A foodie for one, and a damn good chef)that involves cooking and just recently he was able to acquire his own pair of Google Glass and do what he loves while showing us how we can do it to. It's a whole new take on the hands on cooking approach and gives a truly unique perspective watching a video or tutorial on how to cook some of your favorite recipes. Perhaps they're not your favorite recipes, but rather new ones you're excited about trying, like this one in the video that Jamie Oliver recorded while wearing Glass.

This first person cooking video shows just how to put together a great little summer salad to tease your pallet and fill your stomach, while also getting a good view at just how a video of yourself preparing a meal might look if you were to be wearing Glass yourself. You can just as easily watch his cooking videos in their normal state, but watching him do his thing with Glass on makes it almost feel like you're cooking the food yourself and for some, it might make the recipe easier to follow since people are seeing things in a different way than they might be used to. Normally with cooking shows we're staring straight at the chef and sometimes it pans over the food, but it isn't quite like seeing exactly what the chef sees with everything from Prep to a finished meal.

You literally get a view of every single step so preparing this salad for yourself should be relatively simple if you find it helpful to watch things like this in the first person. Getting a "point of view" so to speak of the action at hand makes things easier for me personally as I feel it kind of puts things in my hands and under my control like I'm actually there. Do you find this method of learning to be beneficial as well or do you find it distracting? Maybe you don't care either way and you just like watching cooking shows for the delicious looking food.

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