Check Notifications in Google Glass Much Faster With a Simple Glance

June 5, 2014 - Written By Jamil Bryant

Google has become somewhat of an innovator when it comes to hands-free assistance. In recent months, Google’s voice assistant “Google Now” has searched up many subjects and has called many of our friends. Google Now has even been added to the Google Chrome web browser for an even easier web search. Just simply say “OK Google,” and the internet becomes an endless world of fun. Google’s pride and joy, Google Glass has also made a huge impact in the industry by displaying current and important information right before our eyes. In the end, it is safe to say that Google has made accessing our personal or important information easier by either voice or natural Gestures.

As of recent, Google is testing a new feature that has been released in their latest Google Glass update. If you own Google Glass, you probably know that to check your notifications you either have to nod your head or tap the touchpad to view them. Well those odd movements in public are no more with this experimental new feature. In this weeks Google Glass update, the new feature they have added allows users to simply glance at the screen to open and view their notifications. Those days of nodding your head or having to use the touchpad have come to an end with this wonderful new feature. The new update dubbed “Notification glance,” gives Google Glass users the opportunity to be more hands-free and to use our naturally given subtle eye movements to view those important notifications.

Notification Glance

Google announced the recent release of the new feature on their Google+ page. Since the roll out of the update, the new feature can be found in the settings bundle. “Tap the card and follow a couple quick steps to calibrate and you’ll be ready to go,” said the Google glass maker in a post made on their Google+ page. Google is not promising a smooth ride with the new update. Google implied in their post “This is a new feature that we’re still testing so take it for a spin and let us know how you like it.”