You Can Pre-Order The Fire Phone Through Amazon Now, Shipping Expected July 25th

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The veil has been lifted, and the Amazon Fire Phone is finally here. Just as a recap, the phone is Amazon's first smartphone device, and will be available exclusively on AT&T for the time being with no mention of if and when other carriers may get the chance to sell this phone as well. The phone is the first ever device to use what Amazon is calling a "dynamic display" which is just their fancy name for the three dimensional technology built into it, but it does look cool.

Some main things featured in the Amazon Fire Phone are its 13MP camera, which uses the Firefly feature with its dedicated Firefly button to allow the user to scan virtually anything when it comes to products you can buy, from physical goods, to scanning and analyzing audio music and video so you can buy them right from Amazon. It makes the buying process a whole lot easier than having to go to Amazon and search for it the old fashioned way, and it's also quicker. The Fire Phone also comes with Dolby Digital surround audio speakers built in which should make for a very rich and deep audio experience whether it be with movies, music, or games.


The Fire Phone is available for pre-order right now from and you can pick it up in either the 32GB or 64GB models, but since it's AT&T exclusive that means that for now it only works with AT&T. You can purchase the phone for AT&T with a single line plan, a family plan, or without a service plan altogether, but to entice customers who may be hesitant to switch carriers or just buy the phone, Amazon is throwing in a free year of Amazon Prime service, which is a limited time offer and won't be available for very long. The 32GB model will cost $199 with a two year contract and $649 without, and the 64GB model will cost $299 with a two year contract or $749 without.

Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB(AT&T)

Amazon Fire Phone, 64GB(AT&T)

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