Buying a OnePlus One: The Delivery

Just about two weeks ago I wrote about my buying experience with the OnePlus One, and it was a pretty favorable experience.  Once the first wave of invites finally went out a couple thousand people were selected to order the device, and we all likely did so with great fervor.  A few days later though my phone had still not shipped and was just sitting at "processing" on the order status page on, leaving me to wonder what in the world was going on.  OnePlus only sends out invites when phones are ready to ship, so what was the deal?  We quickly found out that there was a problem with the build of CyanogenMod that shipped with the phone, leaving a security hole wide open, and OnePlus didn't want to risk that sort of PR problem in the company's infancy.

Now a week and half after ordering I've finally received my phone, and it really feels worth the wait.  While I could have done without the extra week delay that happened, we've become a little impatient as a society and I think waiting a whopping week and a half after ordering something that ships literally on the other side of the world is just fine.  Will this sort of delay, if it were to unfortunately happen again, really tick some people off?  Sure, but people get ticked off at the slightest thing.  Maybe I'm just a little more forgiving of these sorts of snags in the process, but the feeling of possibly being ripped off by a no-name Chinese startup was set aside the moment I opened that package.

Now that the elusive OnePlus One is actually in my hands, you better believe I'm going to have tons of first-impressions and mini-reviews coming your way.  Over the next week expect breakdowns of the phone on every level I can deliver (no I won't be tearing down the phone physically, that's already been done), so if you're excited about the OnePlus One know this: the phone is real, and so far it is glorious.  Will it live up to all the hype?  That all depends on your perspective, of course, but in my first day of use I couldn't be happier.  For now feast your eyes on a few quick pics and stay tuned for more!

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