Build Your Framily And Get Money, Sprint Offers Up $75 Per Referral That Joins Your Plan

Sprint's Framily plans may be a great idea for those who are looking to not only save a little money but also get up to 10 people on one single plan, even if the use of the name to refer to these plans is not the greatest. Lets face it though, it's catchy. Despite the memorable nature of the word "framily" though and the great savings that people can acquire by adding more people to their framily plans, it seems that not as many people are utilizing the framily savings as much as they could. Sprint is looking to change this so they have devised a plan to entice people to refer others and have them join in on the framily "frun", by offering those who add members to the framily plan a $75 gift card for every person that they refer who ends up joining their framily plan. So if you have 5 people on your framily plan currently, you could get up to $375 in gift cards if you refer and add 5 more members.

That's not a bad deal for those who own the framily plan in the first place, and ultimately it ends up saving them more money on the base rate of existing member charges as well. If you were on the fence about adding people to your framily plan this might be just the push yo needed to consider getting all your savings. Getting your $75 gift cards is only as difficult as suggesting people sign up for a Sprint line of service using your framily plan ID. So all you have to do is give them your framily ID, and convince them to sign up using said ID.

This can be done inside of a Sprint retail location or by going to the website, and once they have signed up and are on your plan you just need to register their line to get your free money sent to you. Registration of new lines as part of this promotional deal can be done at, and customers will have until July 10th to fill up their framily with all 10 members, or as many as they can get. The $75 gift cards are a visa prepaid gift card much like what you would get for a rebate when buying a new handset.

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