Blurry Press Render Shows Off What Could be the Moto X+1 Running Stock Android


It's been almost a year since the Moto X was originally launched, and it seems like Motorola is getting ready to announce their next version of their flagship device, the Moto X+1. We've seen it pop up here and there, even on Motorola's official website and recently, we've seen a slew of pretty low-fi leaks appear. With Google I/O about to kick off in the coming hours, another image of what could be the Moto X+1 has appeared and there's rumor it could be announced during Google I/O.

The folks over at 9to5Google have been passed what they feel is a press render of the upcoming Moto X+1 and it appears to be running bone-stock Android. While the Moto X, Moto G and Moto E all feature pretty close-to-stock builds of Android, they don't come with the Google Now Launcher that the Nexus devices do and feature some interesting enhancements. In this image though, it looks like the device is running the Google Now Launcher and it appears to be something we might find on a Nexus device. Still, this is just one screenshot, but this does indeed look like a Moto X device, the profile to the left of the main image and button placement suggest as much.


The source has said that the Moto X+1 could be announced during Google I/O, but we strongly doubt that. Not only is Motorola's handset business now owned by Lenovo, but Google I/O is first and foremost a developer conference and in the last couple of years we've seen it return to its roots. There's a chance that a Google Play Edition of the Moto X or Moto X+1 is being readied for launch, but we doubt Lenovo, or even Motorola themselves, will want Google to announce their new device in a two-minute segment of an hours-long keynote. Never mind though, as we'll be watching closely and bringing you all the news from Google I/O as we get it.

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