Blumoo Lets You Control Your Home's Entertainment All From your Android Devices

Blumoo is a new type of universal remote device for streaming music with existing in home audio equipment. Today Blumoo has announced that the app is now compatible with Android devices, allowing users to connect up to the Blumoo HomeBase hardware via Bluetooth to control and stream music to home theater  systems, TVs etc. The app plus HomeBase combination doesn't just let users stream music but also acts as a universal remote for more than 200,000 components like TVs, Xbox consoles(no Playstation?)Satellite, Speakers etc., and you can control and stream music from Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes, using your in home speakers or home audio as the outlet for great tunes and awesome sound.

Through the app you can manage volume control and power on/off devices with the tap of your screen, all from up to 150 feet away thanks to the long range wireless connection. That means you can be in another room in your home and if you need to crank the volume on the next track or turn up the volume on the TV so you don't miss the dialogue on your favorite show, you can ensure that you won't lose connection with the Blumoo device or miss any of the action or excitement. The Blumoo HomeBase and app also supports multiple simultaneous mobile device connections so you can manage your TV audio, your speaker audio and your console as well as flip through a channel or two if needed without having to connect and disconnect from any of them. Stay connected to all of them all the time with ease.

When it comes to the mobile app which can now be found in the Play Store, it can push you reminders of your favorite shows so you don't miss anything you plan on watching, and it can provide you with channel listings and TV show information. Literally the best part, is that since it works as a universal remote, there's no more having to stress out over dead batteries in the remote ever again. That is unless your phone dies, but that is easily fixed with a quick plug in. Put that old remote to bed and say goodbye to having to replace batteries. The Blumoo device is available for $129.99, and the app is available for free in the Play Store from the link above. You can also pick the Blumoo up on Amazon for about $114.96, and from a few other resellers on Amazon for as low as $89.99 but there aren't that many left in stock, so if you're interested now is the time to grab it for less than regular cost.


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