Automatic Version 1.0 Brings Crash Alert And Android Exclusive Do Not Disturb Feature

The popular Android app Automatic has gotten its 1.0 version update release today, and with it comes along a couple of nice new features to make using the app as well as the Automatic link device easier and more convenient, while also keeping you safe when on the road. One of the new features is even an Android app exclusive meaning for once, we actually get something the iOS counterpart doesn't have. Usually it's the other way around. If you haven't heard of Automatic before check our earlier post about the application and the automatic link dongle, where we detail what the driving assistant app can do for Android users.

Automatic came to Android users back on April 4th, and just a couple months later the team at Automatic is releasing their first update to the app since the Android version launch. Starting today, iOS and Android users both have access to the new Crash Alert feature which can automatically detect whether or not you've been in a crash, and notify local authorities of the incident and give them your location if no you're not able to do so yourself. On top of that, agents on the Automatic team also notify your loved ones so that they know you're safe and that Emergency responders are on their way to help you.

Crash Alert isn't the only new feature coming to Android users though. Starting today, Android users of the Automatic link and Automatic app will also get access to the new "Do Not Disturb" feature. When using Automatic while driving, the feature allows the Automatic link to detect that you're behind the wheel and does a couple things for you to make the driving experience safer and decrease the chance that you'll get distracted while operating a vehicle. First, the Automatic "do not disturb" feature will silence your phone while driving so there is a less of a chance that you'll be distracted by the phone ringing or buzzing from notifications. Secondly, the Automatic app will auto reply to phone calls with a simple text message that you're driving, so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, but still allows for those who are trying to contact you to get a response. The team at Automatic wants to make sure that users know though, that the app and its new features don't lock you out of using your device in any way. If you still choose to pick up your device and respond back to a call, text, or email, you can still do so. Automatic and all of us here at AH are obviously not advocating the use of your device while behind the wheel though, even though we know we've all done it before. The Automatic app update is live today so if you already use the app and service, you should see the update start to roll through to your device any time.

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