ASUS C200 Education Chromebook Available For $329 From Multiple Online Retailers

June 23, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

On the search for a Chromebook this year one would most certainly have to consider ASUS entry into the space with their enticing ASUS C200 model Chromebook that comes with an 11-inch display, 16GB drive and 2GB of RAM powered by an Intel Celeron BayTrail processor. Those are some decent specs that come along with the $249 price tag but if you were looking for something a little more powerful than what ASUS was offering with this model, the Education version of the ASUS C200 is now on sale from a few online retailers and offers up mostly the same specs, except it upgrades the RAM from 2GB to 4GB and the 16GB drive changes to a 32GB solid state drive instead. So in short you get more internal storage space and more memory for those intensive tasks.

The Education model will set you back about $329 making it exactly $80 more, which isn’t bad considering the RAM and storage are both doubled. Minus those two factors and the price tag, everything else is virtually the same even right down to the color, which is great if you have a thing for matte black. Those looking for the 4GB of RAM and a larger display may want to wait for something else to pop up, or perhaps you’re just not fond of the Celeron chipset and are waiting on something new that features a Haswell chip. In either case, if you wanted to give the Education model of the C200 a look you can do so from at least four retailers, PCM, B&H, Provantage, and CDW.

You can also grab the consumer model of the ASUS C200 from Amazon if you don’t mind the smaller storage space or less RAM. Both Chromebooks offer the same Bluetooth compatibility, WiFi, and version of Chrome OS, so there should be no worry about missing out on something such as those features. The differences are very cut and dry, and simply seek to offer a slightly more powerful model to those who prefer it. Both are great deals for anyone looking to get into a Chromebook especially