April Fools Pokemon Masters Receive Business Cards From Google As Gift


During April Fools Google had a handful of different pranks to toss our way just like they always do, and one of the most memorable ones had to be the task of finding all the Pokemon within Google Maps. Google usually does some sort of prank with Google Maps so it wasn’t a surprise to see them using it for a prank again this year. Some time after April Fools was over Google had sent out emails to people who had actually found all 150 Pokemon plus Mewtwo the 151st Pokemon stating that they would be thanking them for their hard work on becoming a Pokemon master and would sending them a little gift, and proceeded to ask for their shipping address so they could mail it out.

Here it is many weeks later after users had received those emails from the Google team and it looks like those gifts have finally shown up at the door at least for some. Could it have been a stack of Play Store gift cards? Nope. Google has actually sent out the individuals some business cards with their names on them, with the job title of Pokemon Master stating that they work for Google Inc. The business cards are merely a novelty as no one actually received a job at Google through the April Fools stunt, but it is a pretty cool little novelty at that.

In total those who had found all 151 Pokemon had and will be getting a letter of congratulations from the Google Maps team along with a Pokemon themed envelope stamped with the Google Maps Pokeball icon that was used during the prank, and containing a set of 10 business cards with the job title of Pokemon Master. Now those users can hand one out once a year for 10 years to really special people, or they can go wild and toss them out at a special event in hopes to catch someone’s attention. Naturally, if it were me I would want to keep one or two to collect. Did you find all 151 Pokemon during the time of the prank? If so you probably have some business cards coming your way with a new found job title.