App Directory for Google Glass Closing in on 100 Applications

June 24, 2014 - Written By Cory McNutt

Google seems to be gearing up for a public release of their now infamous Google Glass – they have famous designers, like DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg ) that already have frames and shades available for purchase, the list of Google updates keep rolling in and the list of applications (Apps) keeps growing.  Unlike the Play Store or App Store that boost that they have over a million Apps, when in reality, only a handful are truly useful and worth your time to download – the close to one hundred Apps available in MyGlass Apps are all very functional…no fart or whip App…yet.

Google Glass is already a highly discussed topic and the general public is waiting to see just how much Google will be charging for these things – but cost is only one factor.  Just like a smartphone or tablet platform, if you don’t have the Apps that people want, you may as well be spitting into the wind…just ask Microsoft and BlackBerry how that works. As popular as Glass has become, if customers do not believe it is functional, they will sit on the shelf and collect dust, designer frames or not.  Google knows this and has carefully provided developers with the tools they need to produce useful Apps for Glass – so they will be highly functional as soon as you place them on your head.

While it is not always so easy to get your App into the official Google App Directory, the ones that are included are premium applications.  Some of the featured Apps listed are The Guardian, BikeFinder, Glass Notifications, Shop X, OpenTable, 94Fifty Basketball,, musiXmatch, Shazam, Zombies, Run!, Star Chart and so on.  Some are very topical, such as that allows you to follow the World Cup 2014 with up-to-the-minute articles.  Zombies, Run! is a very popular mobile game making its way from the smartphone to Glass.  The British newspaper, The Guardian, is aimed to keep you “up to date with award-winning journalism.”

Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know what you think of the selection of Glass Apps – are there any that you would like to see…as always, we would love to hear from you.