Angry Birds Transformers Has Just Been Announced By Rovio For A "Coming Soon" Launch

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Angry Birds Epic hasn’t even been out for an entire week and already we’re learning of yet another new Angry Birds title that will be on the way in the future. This next game will most likely follow the original theme of Angry Birds games, with the physics based gameplay of launching birds at their piggy enemies in attempts to clear each level and get back possession of the eggs that were stolen from them. This new game is also going to be a partnership it looks like, this time between Hasbro and Rovio, and will be called Angry Birds Transformers.

Rovio has previously teamed up with major entertainment outlets or larger companies before now so this won’t be their first rodeo. Their first title that released was from the partnership with the makers of the movie Rio which spawned Angry Birds Rio, and they also had the much more popular partnership with Lucasfilm which brought us Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars 2. The partnership with Hasbro brings forward another major blockbuster film into the Angry Birds universe, and the game will not only have a Transformers theme but we will also see Angry Birds Transformers toys made by Hasbro hit retail shelves around the time of the game launch as well.

We won’t be seeing just regular toys either, as Hasbro and Rovio are coming together to create toys that can interact with the game to bring it new content, much like you can do with the Skylanders games or like Nintendo will be doing with Super Smash Bros. Wii U later this year. The toys will talk to and interact with the users device to add in special new content that otherwise may not be available without the toy. it could also be possible that we might see these toys add in use of items or birds that would normally be accessible as IAP. The question is at this point, are we getting burnt out on Angry Birds games? Some may have been burnt out long ago, and others maybe reaching the tipping point. I personally have been enjoying Angry Birds Epic, but that of course has a totally different game play style than the original Angry Birds.