Angry Birds Epic, The Turn Based RPG From Rovio Slated For Launch On June 12th

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Angry Birds and turn based RPG fans could be slated for quite the excitement starting June 12th, which is this Thursday, as Rovio is apparently gearing up to finally launch Angry Birds Epic on iOS and Android devices on that date. This news comes from Pocket Gamer who mentions the date of the games release on both platforms. All who have played any of the Angry Birds games will know that this isn’t your standard Angry Birds title. Instead it takes a completely different approach to the franchise and brings along with it only the characters, but leaves behind the gameplay we have come to know and love over the years as the most popular physics based game on mobile to date.

Angry Birds Epic should be a turn based RPG like no other, fusing together some of the best parts of RPG games with the hilarity and cartoon like comical nature of the Angry Birds and those dreadful pigs, to make one historically epic game that will take players on a journey filled with tons of adventure, epic battles, and a few ruffled feathers if you’re not careful. The game promises huge battles with awesome and epic weapons,(or whatever the birds could get a hold of as Rovio puts it)crafting of items, armor and weapons for use in battle, glorious magical abilities, and of course… an Angry Birds game set in a fantasy world wouldn’t be complete without silly hats, so those are part of the adventure as well.

Besides the ability to craft weapons and armor, you can also level up your characters just like any traditional turn based RPG and also upgrade your equipment. Angry Birds Epic, just like Angry Birds GO!, will be a free to play title likely with IAP but hopefully far from required to play through the entire game. The game should be pretty fun for those who love RPG titles and it will be a nice change of pace from the Angry Birds stuff that we currently know. Rovio is also slated to release Angry Birds Stella later this year as well, which should take the genre back to its roots but with all new birds as the main characters.