Angry Birds Epic Now Beckoning Heroic Gamers For One Massively Awesome Quest

The epic wait is over for the the most EPIC Angry Birds game yet. Angry Birds Epic released this morning onto the Play Store just as planned for its June 12th launch and it really is every bit as fun as I expected it to be. Angry Birds Epic for those who might have missed anything on it before today is a new Angry Birds title that takes the famous little birds we have come to know and love, and puts them in a turn based RPG setting with epic battles against the pigs. In true Angry Birds fashion, the pigs raid the birds camp and take all the delicious bird eggs and valuable prized belongings, including an extra playable character for your party and they make haste to get away with the stolen goods. Don't expect red bird to take this lying down. He sets out on his epic journey to get everything back.

Moving through the levels is similar to any other Angry Birds game really, in that you travel through them on the map in the same way and you have a chance to complete them with three stars. The levels obviously play out differently though since each level is comprised of turn based RPG combat instead of physics based gameplay. At first you'll start out fighting one or two pigs at a time, most of which only do melee damage. Eventually though you'll start to come across the pigs that can cast magic and debuffs on your which makes the battles more interesting, and not so much a pushover. Early on you'll battle a group of  pigs where one can cast a debuff that focuses all other enemy attacks on that character instead of being randomized with a potential to hit either of your characters. This is one example of how the battle can be more challenging, not impossible though.

At the end of each level you'll get a chance to spin the loot wheel, which most of the time just grants you materials for crafting new weapons and armor, and materials for using the alchemy cauldron to create items like the Banana Juice drink, which is essentially just a health potion to regain some HP for whatever bird you choose. Attacks and defensive abilities as well as using items in battle are pretty simple, you just drag your finger from the bird to the enemy to attack or from your item bag to the bird if your using regenerative items, and tap on any of your birds to cast defensive abilities on themselves or drag from one bird to another to cast defensive abilities on your team members. You can also tap and hold on any bird, enemy, or item to get more detailed information about them, like HP and attack/defensive stats or what items do for you. For the most part Angry Birds Epic is pretty cool and it's certainly a nice change of pace from the norm with Angry Birds. RPG fans might get the most fun out of it but anyone who enjoys the Angry Birds franchise should at least give it a try, especially since it's free. There are IAP involved but you can just bypass them and not worry about it as they don't seem to be gameplay impacting in a negative way. You can grab Angry Birds Epic from the Play Store now at this link if you want to give it a shot.

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