Android Wear Now Available to Order in the UK; LG's G Watch is £159 and Samsung's Gear Live £169



Yesterday, during the first day of Google's I/O keynote the search giant had a whole lot of new Android goodness to show off on stage. A big part of the keynote was devoted to Android Wear, with the first wave of smartwatches running Google's Android to be released this summer. Those in attendance at this year's I/O were given both an LG G Watch as well a Samsung Gear Live watch, those lucky folks. Of course, not everyone was there and us regular folk will just have to buy the watches ourselves. Well, if you're in the UK the wait won't be long at all, as both the G Watch and the Gear Live are now available to order from Google Play right now.


When it comes to price, these two aren't exactly cheap, but considering what they do they're not expensive by any means, especially for something as new as Android Wear. The G Watch is available in either Titan Black or White Gold and is priced at £159, available from Google Play as well as MobileFun with a delivery date of July 7th. Meanwhile, Samsung's Gear Live is to cost £169 and will be shipping starting July 7th. Not too bad pricing for devices that are so much more than just a watch and really, if you're the type of person to wear a watch in the first place you'd find it difficult to find a quality watch for less than £150.

We took a closer look at both the G Watch and the Gear Live on the showfloor and they do look very nice. Both of them are completely water-resistant making them safe for everyday life and they're always-listening for voice commands. For more info on all of Google's announcements from yesterday, take a look at our big Keynote post.

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