Android How To: Root the Amazon Fire TV

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Over the weekend, famed Apple hacker Geohot released his Android rooting tool, Towelroot. Basically Towelroot roots anything running Android 4.4. While it was released for the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4, it does work on anything with Android 4.4 on board, and it’s been confirmed to work on all variants of the LG G2 as well as the Amazon Fire TV. While there’s no recovery for the Fire TV just yet, I’m not sure what the point is in rooting the Fire TV, but it is possible. And here’s how we do it.

How to Root the Fire TV

  1. First you’ll need to download TowelRoot and Fire TV Side app.
  2. You’ll also need to download SuperSU
  3. Now you’ll want to load up the Fire TV Side app on your PC
  4. Next find the IP address for your Fire TV
  5. Then fill in the path to the APK and the SuperSU file
  6. Now tap on the “Side Load” button
  7. Once complete you’re going to go to your Fire TV and open up the TowelRoot app
  8. Tap on “Make it Ra1n”
  9. Let the app do it’s thing, and a few minutes later you’ll be rooted.

That’s how easy it is to root your Amazon Fire TV. Hopefully we’ll have a reason to root the Fire TV soon, as right now there’s really no use for it since we have no recovery or custom ROMs just yet. How many of you are going to root it?