Android How to: Remove the Brightness & Volume Sliders on the LG G3


Last year, with the LG G2 we saw how busy the notification area can be for  LG. They had the quick toggles across the top along with the brightness and volume sliders below it. Leaving almost no room for actual notifications. The one thing we had asked for LG to do with the LG G3 was make it customizable. Allow us to get rid of those sliders if we want. And LG has done just that. That's exactly what we'll be showing you how to do today.

How to remove the Brightness and Volume Sliders on the LG G3

  1. Pull down your notification tray
  2. Swipe all the way over from right to left in the quick toggles section
  3. You Should see a "Edit" icon, tap on that
  4. Now you should see all those quick toggles listed, along with the two sliders listed above
  5. Uncheck both or which one you don't want to see
  6. Press the home button
  7. Now pull down the notification tray again. And you should see that your changes were saved.

That's how easy it is to declutter the notification tray on the LG G3, which is something I really wanted to do for the past 6 months on the LG G2. It's nice to see that LG is listening.