Android L Release, Android TV Focusing on Gaming Experience

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Google is focusing on gaming in the upcoming Android L release. With this developer preview, they are going to be bringing DirectX 11 class graphics to your mobile experience, making gaming better than ever. They’ve teamed up with NVIDIA, ARM, Qualcomm, and Imagination Technologies for something called the Android Extension Pack. The Android Extension Pack will support new effects in lighting, geometry, shading, tessellation, and a bunch more. These features will make for some really fantastic high-end mobile gaming. This will happen on both smartphones and tablets that have the hardware to support it. Pretty crazy stuff.

Android TV is focused heavily on gaming, too. There’s new functionality built into Android TV that will let users play their friends across the platforms. You can have one friend on a tablet, one on the Android TV using a gaming remote, and one on a smartphone. All of you can play each other using functionality built into the Google Play Games services. This continues Google’s focus on gaming with Android and the services they are creating.

You can read more about Android TV here, and come hang out with us while Google finishes up the I/O 2014 keynote. It’s going on hour 3, so you know it must be good.