Android L and Android Wear SDKs are now Available!

AH Android logo 1.8

No, not the Developer preview, just the SDK. So for developers looking to get a head start on developing for Android Wear or Android L, you can download the SDK for both OS’ right now. All you’ll need to do is open up the SDK manager, and it should start downloading both SDKs automatically. So you can start playing around with the new goodies that Google has in store for us. The Android L Developer Preview should be going live in a bit, for those interested in flashing that factory image to their Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. I’m sure we’ll see some ports soon as well for those interested in using it on other devices ahead of the release this fall.

Many of you may remember that Google released a preview of the Android Wear SDK earlier this year – when they announced Android Wear officially – well now we have the full SDK. So that developers can go ahead and start developing apps for Android Wear. In fact, we saw Google Keep get updated this morning for Android Wear. So it shouldn’t be much longer before we see many other apps updated as well.

Speaking of previews, this Android L SDK is also a preview, but it’s enough to help you get your apps ready for the official release this fall. As Google has changed a ton of stuff with this update. I mean they have over 5000 API’s that are new in this release. And something that the Android team kept stating during the keynote yesterday is that this is the biggest Android update in the history of Android. So that means there’s tons of changes here. I mean Ice Cream Sandwich was a huge upgrade, but Android L is an even larger update. How many of you are excited to get coding? Let us know in the comments below.