Android Kit Kat Adoption Reaches 13.6% According To June Distribution Numbers

The numbers are in. You know the ones I'm talking about, the percentage numbers of how many users are on each version of Android to date. Prior to these numbers being out Kit Kat was reported as being on around 9% of all devices worldwide, but the Android monthly distribution number have just been released by Google and it looks like Kit Kat has gotten a little bump in the adoption rate department. Kit Kat is now accounted for on 13.6% of all Android devices globally, with Jelly Bean as a whole seeing a drop to 58.4% of all Android device globally.  The biggest portion of Android users is still on Jelly Bean 4.1, with the number of users still on that version sitting at 29%.

What's surprising is that Honey Comb is no longer on the list at all so does this mean that every single device that has ever ran Honey Comb has now been upgraded including the Google TV devices? No not really. What we're actually seeing is all the data that Google collected for Android distribution that sits above 0.1%. Taking that into consideration, Honey Comb seems to account for less than 0.1% percent of Android users globally which is why we don't and won't see it on the charts anymore. The most recent version prior to Android 4.4 Kit Kat is Jelly Bean 4.3 and users on this version still account for 10.3% of all Android users globally. The data collected is comprised over a week long stint, with the data collection ending today, which makes it fall right in line with the recent updates to Kit Kat that devices have been getting, however there are still a number of devices on the waiting list to get bumped up from 4.3.

All versions besides Kit Kat are decreasing which means Google is working hard to upgrade everyone that they can, even if the adoption rate is a little slow still. With some devices still waiting to get their Kit Kat updates this number should end up rising even more the next time this report comes out, and for those of us that are already on Kit Kat, be on the lookout for the update to 4.4.3 which has just started hitting devices in the last day.

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