Android Headliner: What We Won't See at Google I/O 2014 Next Week

Google I/O kicks off next Wednesday from Moscone Center in San Francisco. There's lots of things we expect to see at the developer conference, there's also plenty of things we likely won't see at Google I/O this year. And that's exactly what we are talking about today. Will we see Android 4.5/5.0? What about Android in the Car? Or the Nexus 8? Let's answer all those questions now.

New Version of Android and Nexus 8

When it comes to either the Nexus 8 and a new version of Android they come hand in hand. Because Google has never announced a Nexus device without a new version of Android and since the Nexus One way back in the day, we've never gotten new Nexus hardware without a new version of Android. I'm still not completely sold on us seeing a new version of Android at Google I/O this year. Last year we did not see a new version of Android at Google I/O nor did we see the Nexus 7 at Google I/O. We had a separate event about 2 months later where Sundar Pichai (who is now the head of Chrome and Android) announced Android 4.3, the Nexus 7 2013, and the Chromecast. Now we have seen tons of leaks of the Nexus 8 already, so there is a chance we'll see it next week.

Somewhat likely of being announced

Nexus 10

Nope. Not gonna happen. We haven't seen a single leak or rumor about a Nexus 10 since last fall when Google "leaked" it on the Google Play Store and then never announced it. As much as many of us would love having another Nexus 10, I just don't think it's happening anytime soon. Google seems to be sold on 7-inch and 8-inch tablets instead of 10-inch ones. While Samsung is making 12-inch tablets now.

Very Unlikely of being announced

Nexus 5 2014

Very doubtful we'll see a new Nexus phone this year at Google I/O. We've been hearing rumors that Android Silver will replace the Nexus program, but that just doesn't seem ready. And we're basing this off of the amount of leaks and rumors we've seen for Android Silver lately. As much as we'd love to see a new Nexus phone at Google I/O, I just don't see it coming as we haven't gotten one at Google I/O in a couple of years now. Since the Galaxy Nexus in 2012, the Nexus phone has always been announced in the fall.

Very unlikely of being announced

Android Silver

Speaking of Android Silver. We've been seeing lots of leaks and rumors about the Android Silver program. Which is supposed to be a Nexus program on steroids. Android Silver is supposedly going to have high-end devices running stock Android and will have great support from Google. Many Nexus fans are worried about this program as they think the Nexus is going away. I don't think it is. I think we'll still see Nexus devices, as Google needs a device to launch their new versions of Android on. Right now, it appears that Android Silver is going to launch in early 2015. But then again, Google could sneak up Android Silver on us.

Somewhat unlikely of being announced

Google+ Update

When Vic Gundotra left Google, many thought that Google+ was dead. I'm still not sold on that, I don't see Google just closing up shop on Google+ after they've spent so much money on integrating it with other Google products and competing with other social networks. On the Google I/O schedule, so far there is nothing about Google+ there. Now that doesn't mean that Google+ is dead, but just that they don't have much to talk about like they did last year.

Somewhat unlikely of being announced

Google I/O is going to be full of goodies and new services for us to use and play with next week. Make sure you follow us for all the latest Google I/O news as we will be there next week in San Francisco. What else do you guys think we won't see at Google I/O next week?

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