Android Headliner: What Would You Like To See At Google I/O 2014?

We may not all be complete tech geeks, but let's be honest with ourselves, some of the things they show off at Google I/O are pretty damn exciting. In years past we saw the first of Google Glass as a skydiver wearing it was dropped out of an airplane, only to hand it off to a bmx biker who then wore it into the conference room of the keynote speech and handed it off to Sergey Brin on stage. Google Unveiled their first Nexus tablet, the Nexus 7, that very same year and they also unveiled Google Play Music All Access that year as well. They also unveiled Jelly Bean at Google I/O that year, and well.. you get the point. Google I/O is the place where we usually see the most exciting stuff about Android and anything that's rather Googley. So the question I have for you is, what do you want to see at Google I/O 2014?

We already have an idea of what we're going to see. We know we should be seeing the LG G Watch at the event, hell, they're supposed to be giving it away as one of the items to attendees. More than that, we may see a glimmer of something surrounding the Moto 360. We may not. We also know we'll see and learn more stuff about Android wear, which is kind of given away by the sessions that they're holding for it. So what do you want to see? A new Nexus tablet? Maybe the Nexus 8? That would be a grand device to display at this year's annual developers conference and we think that many people would agree. Maybe you'd rather just see Google Glass enter a more consumer ready stage, although that is a less likely scenario at this moment but Google has surprised everyone before. Would you like to actually see the Moto 360 at the event? We sure would, and we know a lot of fans looking to grab it would be happy if it made an appearance as well.

Another less likely scenario is Google showing off a new version of Android, although if we really wanted to stretch it and say that they were going to show off Android 4.5, that it would start to make sense as to why they dropped Android 4.4.4 so quickly. Yes, we know that the reason they dropped it was for a security fix related to an Open SSL bug which is the reason why I said it was a stretch. This is a conversation about what we'd like to see after all. Anywho, just like the update to Kit Kat required you to be on 4.3 before you could move forward, the same could have been a plausible reasoning for the fast release of Android 4.4.4. In either case, however unrealistic it may be Android 4.5 or whatever new version showing up at I/O this year would certainly make things interesting.

Perhaps a new version of Android isn't your fancy and what you really want to see is Google unveil Android TV. We know there are those of you out there that still love your Google TV's and were sad to see the platform die. But don't think of it as dying. Think of it as being reborn anew with Android TV, ready to provide a much better experience with media and content that is meant to be on the big screen, like movies, TV, games, and music. If Google were to show off a new Android TV device at the event, we think it would turn some heads and there would hopefully be a big focus on games. There have been rumors in the past about a "Nexus", or "Google" Game console coming to us in the future, and if there were any truth to it at all we would have to see it manifest itself through Android TV, the way that Amazon did with the Fire TV and its game controller. Android TV is also said to have an optional game controller just in case you'd want that sort of thing, and it would be a lovely sight to see if they showed it off at the event. It would also be cool if Google unveiled a new, less expensive version of the in-house built Chromebook, the Chromebook pixel, but that is merely a dream we wish would come to fruition. So, what do you want to see at the event this year? Are you headed there in person? Or just watching the livestream? However you'll be checking out the goodies, leave us a comment on our G+ post about what you'd like to see there.

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