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In the whole team here at Android Headlines, I think I'm the only one that believes there is real value in the smartwatch. I currently wear the SmartWatch 2 from Sony, mostly because I like the look of it and the Pebble's black and white screen just doesn't do anything for me. I'm pretty happy with the SmartWatch 2, but the software isn't all here and while it's gotten better recently in a big update that added some excellent new options, it's nowhere near as impressive as Android Wear looks.


Android Wear was announced earlier this year as Google's entry into the smartwatch arena, following the same blueprint as Android itself, by offering partners the use of their software. So, we're essentially looking at Android on our wrists and since the new platform was announced some time ago, we've seen more and more of it as of late. We already know quite a bit about the LG G Watch and the Moto 360, and we know they're launching later this year, but what should we expect during Google I/O? You know, that little shindig throws for some peeps over chips and dip?

We shouldn't joke, and I apologize, as Google I/O 2014 is all set to deliver all sorts of changes to Android. I might be walking the plank a little here, but I foresee some great design changes and new features heading to Android during this year's developer conference. One thing that's almost a dead cert for this year's conference is more details of Android Wear. After all, Google has had Android Wear on a slow boil for some time and I/O 2014 would be a perfect time to serve up some new software.

We're more than likely going to see Google show off general uses for Android Wear and devices running the OS as well as a whole bunch of partners from big name services. There's no better way than to announce a new platform than by showing off a bunch of well-established apps and services with already working software. Obviously, Google is going to be showing off a number of first-party apps like GMail, Play Music and of course Google Now, but launching a new platform with apps already built is one of the best ways to do so.


Google I/O is a developer's conference, and we should remember that, so new hardware is unlikely to appear, but I'm pretty confident that I/O 2014 is going to be the launchpad for Android Wear and possibly a pretty big warning shot across Apple's bow and a big shock to the likes of Pebble and Sony, who according to a recent report control just 6 and 7% of the Smartwatch market, respectively. I'm excited to see what Google have to show off, and I'm hoping that there's already a lot of support behind Android Wear and I/O helps new developers get involved as well, but what about you? Does Google have a long way to go convincing you that a smartwatch is a good idea, or are you – like myself – already sold?

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