Android Game News Weekly 06/08/14: Hitman GO, Hitman: Sniper, Primeworld: Defenders, Gameloft E3


Hitman GO Enters The Play Store UndetectedAH Hitman GO

Those who had been waiting on Hitman GO to make its way over to Android were met with a nice surprise this week as Square Enix finally dropped the game. The unique take on the popular Hitman franchise turns Agent 47 into a board game piece and tasks gamers with completing puzzles throughout each set of levels, which are split up into different boards. Completing each level progresses you further on the board, with each level having a number of objectives to complete to receive a better score. The puzzles start out easy but they become increasingly more difficult. The game will set you back $4.99 which isn't too bad considering the price of Square Enix other most recent game Dragon Quest VIII, which is set at $19.99. You can grab the game from the Play Store now.

Hitman: Sniper Teaser Trailer Released


Hitman GO barely launches on Android and Square Enix was quick to tease their next game for the Hitman series on mobile. Hitman: Sniper will be the next Hitman game to reach Android and while not another board game like title it still isn't the same type of Hitman game most may remember from consoles or PC. As the title suggests it will be a Sniper game, so the gameplay will consist of missions where you'll have to hunt down your targets through a scope and execute. Think Glu Mobile's Contract Killer series. Have a look at the teaser trailer below. Are you excited?


Prime World: Defenders Is A Lush New TD Game With Tons Of Eye Candy

AH Prime World: Defenders

If you hadn't noticed the launch of Prime World: Defenders yet, this is one Tower Defense game you should take a peek at. It is truly one of the most beautiful TD titles to ever hit Android and if you're playing on a Tegra powered device it even has some optimized graphics. There are over 26 towers with over 25 levels of upgrades , and 13 kinds of spells to unleash, giving you plenty of firepower. Fight back waves of enemies consisting of 36 different monsters, and enjoy the storyline comprised of 23 missions that are randomly generated and include special boss battles. Prime World: Defenders is free and you can grab it from the Play Store now.

Gameloft Has Plenty To Show Off At E3 Besides Modern Combat 5Untitled-Gameloft-Android-Game-2

We all know that the big title from Gameloft this year will be Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The game looks amazing and the anticipation is excruciating. It won't be their only game that will be shown off at E3 however, which starts in less than 24 hours. They have been teasing a game this past week that looks to be part of the Order and Chaos franchise in some way, but there aren't really any details about the game other than some teaser art that Gameloft has uploaded to the web, mentioning the date of June 2014 which is when we'll learn about it. From the art we can guess that it might have something to with dice, which makes us think it is either a new type of battle game similar to Order and Chaos: Duels, or that it will be some sort of expansion to Order and Chaos: Duels. Other than that there is pretty much nothing known about the game but if you like the Order and Chaos titles this is something to pay attention to. Watch for it during E3 as we'll know more then.