Android Gaming Weekly 06/01/14: Humble Bundle, Worms 3, Die For Metal Again, Racing Rivals


Humble Bundle For PC And Android 10 Is HereAH Humble Bundle

The latest from Humble Bundle is here for those who like to grab the games you can play on PC or Android. This latest bundle features some great stuff with the immediately available and unlockable game titles, and like all Humble Bundles there will be more games added later on that you can unlock if you pay the minimum average either before or after they're added into the pack. So what do you get this time around? For starters you have the unlockable titles which include Skulls of the Shogun, Metal Slug 3, Fieldrunners 2, and Breach and Clear. you'll need to pay the minimum average of  $4.84 to unlock those four games along with whatever titles they add later on. The games you can pick up for any old amount are Symphony, Draw a Stickman: EPIC, and Galcon Legends. There's tons of great content here and you can grab the Humble Bundle For PC And Android 10 from the main Humble Bundle website.

Worms 3 Brings Mercurial Mayhem To AndroidAH Worms 3

If you have been a fan of the Worms titles then you absolutely shouldn't miss Worms 3. Conquer the 27 single player missions or have a go at multiplayer and try to best your opponents. Worms 3 features the traditional touch screen controls of the previous titles but now also includes an all new D-Pad control system. Choose worms from a new class system, and strive to get every last achievement, and top the leaderboards. Worms 3 will set you back $4.99, and you can grab the game from the Play Store link here.

Show Your Love For Head-splitting Hard Metal With Die For Metal AgainAH Die For Metal Again

Pick up where you left off as Rob Grinderface and see how many times you can die for metal. A true metal head wouldn't question his love for metal. He just does what metal tells him to do. Now do it. This action platformer is filled with all kinds of crazy metal loving fun. You'll want to play till your thumbs and eyes bleed with all the awesome metal tunes that make up this soundtrack. Tons of gory bloody fun with 45 different levels across 3 worlds that include 3 majorly epic boss fights. The game will set you back $1, and honestly.. this game is just fun and bad-ass. Forget that dollar menu buy you were going to have for lunch and spend your dollar on this instead.


Racing Rivals Crosses The Finish Line And Makes It To AndroidAH Racing Rivals

This popular iOS racing title has made the jump to Android. The gameplay looks to be set up like a drag style race, and features tons of cars that you can acquire and win. You can race against real players in real time, and race for cash or pink slips to their vehicles. Be careful though as you could lose and lose your car along with it. The game also features turf wars and highly customizable cars by upgrading and tuning your vehicles with new parts. The graphics are visually impressive, and the game is free which makes it a plus. There seems to be a fare amount of reviews though claiming it feel like a pay to win type of game. Some reviews even claim they had lost their vehicles and were not delivered the gems or items they had spent real money on. You can grab Racing Rivals for free from the Play Store here from this link.