Android Game Of The Week: Warhammer 40,000: Carnage

This game should delight not only Warhammer fans, but any gamer who enjoys RPG style titles, as well as the occasional hack and slash element and a little bit of gunplay. Warhammer 40,000: Carnage is a sidescrolling RPG based game where you play the role of the Space Marine, running and gunning through the mayhem of the orcs and hellish enemies that want to see you slain. There is plenty in Warhammer 40K: Carnage to begin with, at 50 levels across two maps and each level having nine different ways to complete it, with level modifiers like corrosive atmospheres, enemies that explode in your face as you run through them, meteor drops, and more. Each level also has varied level difficulties, so if you have already beaten a level on 100%, try upping the carnage to 150%.

Warhammer 40K carnage starts you off playing as the extremely powerful general(commander)of the space marines, but after one level of play he seemingly comes into contact with a force that stops him in his tracks. This is where the games journey truly begins, setting you back to a lowly yet dedicated and still menacing ultramarine that you'll need to level and gear up with over 500 possible wargear items. You can equip armor, weapons and special items to your ultramarine and swap out as you come across better gear. You can even brandish the boltgun and chainsaw sword to do some real damage. Once you have played through the game long enough you can unlock the insanely awesome Blood Angel unit, and swap back and forth between characters at will. Changing to the Blood Angel will make you restart from the beginning though, however your progress with the Ultramarine stays where it's at and you can switch back any time.

While 50 levels across two maps may not seem like a lot, there will be FREE expansion packs coming that will include a total of six more maps. So basically, Roadhouse plans to drop an expansion pack with two maps each most likely, which we can assume will include another 50 levels per two maps. If that's the case, then when everything is all said and done the game will have a total of 200 levels. That should help those that think the levels are a bit short, which they are, but that's OK because the game is loads of fun and there is still plenty of replayability through level modifiers. If you want to pick up Warhammer 40,000: Carnage it will set you back $6.99, but it's well worth the asking price. There's lots to offer here for those who game often on their smartphone or tablets.

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