Android Game Of The Week: Sky Force 2014

Shoot em' up titles are a dime a dozen now but few rarely stand out as truly amazing games. Sky Force 2014 from Infinite Dreams is one of those few and has everything you could want in a title of this genre. This is a remake of the original Sky Force but it isn't just any old remake. The game has been lovingly crafted and re-worked with full scale 3D visuals that are mind blowing gorgeous. All the fun of the original Sky Force is back and better than ever with more weapons and upgrades, social aspects and google play games services with achievements, and of course more things to shoot. One of the coolest new additions? The weekly tournaments on unique levels that lets you take to the skies and wage war on other Sky Force 2014 players. Can you best your opponents?

Each mission is immersive and action packed, and while your main goal is to complete them so you can move on to the next, you'll have side objectives to gain you more points and more stars(stars are what you use to buy upgrades for your weapons and shields and to buy new weaponry)like killing 75% and 100% of the enemies in each mission as well as saving civilians. No man gets left behind I always say. Sky Force 2014 is easy enough to start for someone who hasn't played any arcade shooters before, but it can also crank up the intensity for seasoned gamers.

It features a continuing story line with full voice over dialogue from the characters, and the pulse pounding electronic soundtrack is anything but boring. There are multiple intense boss battles and should you lose a little bit of health during your mission you gain it back by collecting the random dropped hearts after shooting down enemies. You can even gain extra lives and more stars by rescuing fallen opponents. There is plenty of action, plenty of eye candy, and plenty of gameplay to keep you going in Sky Force 2014 that should make it hard to put down. The game is free which is even better. It does offer IAP but I have yet to come across them and the game looks to be fully playable without having to spend a dime. This is a must have for fans of the original Sky Force as well as anyone looking for a really great game to play this weekend and beyond. You can pick up the game from the Play Store link here.

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