Android Game Of The Week: Hitman Go

The popularity of the Hitman franchise is no big secret. There have been many loved titles in the series and although it's not your typical Hitman game, Hitman GO easily becomes another beloved game from Square Enix. The unusual take of a board game style puzzler with the familiar Hitman characters and items like the famous weapons of Agent 47, the silverballers, make for an iconic yet new and fun way to experience Hitman. Fans of strategy games will love the challenge, and fans of the Hitman series should be able to enjoy the nostalgia.

The first thing you notice about Hitman GO is that it is a turn based puzzle style board game. The art style of the game is rather quite beautiful and each board and character pieces are style like a diorama. Each board(level) has a fixed number of spaces and you can only go backwards or forwards. You'll have a designated target or location that you'll need to get to in each level but the enemy stands in your way and the challenge lies in figuring out how to either take out your target or get around guards so you're not found out. As you progress levels the game will not only task you with getting to your destination on the board, but also give you the ability to take each level to 100% completion by finishing the other challenges like grabbing briefcases, finishing the board in a certain number of moves, finishing without killing anyone(the stealth approach), and so on.

Sometimes you'll be able to complete all three challenges of a level in a single go, other times you'll have to sacrifice the stealth completion to finish another challenge, requiring another play through. Each level also has different ways to complete it. You can always go stealth and finish a level silently even if the challenge does not require it, or you can show off your assassin skills and take out your enemies as you progress. There are four game boards with 16 levels each, and one board at the end with 8 levels inspired by Hitman: Blood Money. There is also at least one more gameboard coming soon with more levels probably in a future update. Hitman Go also supports Google Play Games services and has achievements which is always a great addition. If you like Hitman games and enjoy the challenge of puzzles and strategy, Hitman GO is a game not to be missed.

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