Alleged Customizable Watchfaces Plus Boot Animation Leak For The LG G Watch

As Google I/O draws ever closer, so does our excitement grow in the anticipation that we might get to see the LG G Watch make an appearance at the annual developers conference in San Francisco at the end of the month. While we have already seen what the device looks like many times at this point, we haven't seen much in the ways of variation when it comes to the watchface itself. It appears that some new images have leaked over the web that look like different customized watchfaces for the upcoming Android Wear smartwatch from LG, and of course the rumors are already spreading that these could be faces of a possible sequel for the G Watch, or perhaps belonging to the fabled SIM card enabled version that we have heard about in recent previous weeks.

Whether or not LG is actually releasing an LG G Watch with cell network connectivity is a debate for later, because what is probably more likely with these image leaks is that they're customized faces for the G Watch we have already seen and know about. That isn't such a bad thing either, and it's really too early to start thinking about possible LG G Watch sequels from our end seeing as how the original hasn't even been released yet, however that doesn't mean that LG themselves aren't already in the planning stages for what's next.

The collection of images show off different styles and designs for watchfaces for what are presumably belonging to the LG G Watch, giving users the option to customize the way their watch looks, which gives the user a sense of personalization and the ability to make the watch their own. There are nice different watchfaces in total, and along with them there was also a video posted of what is believed to be the boot animation for the LG G Watch, which looks rather kind of cool. Now lets jump back to the SIM enabled G Watch for just a minute. It seems that there is a model number listing for the LG G Watch on the LG U Plus website that is different from that of the original LG G Watch, showing up as LG-W120L, while the original model number we know of LG-W100. This might be the SIM enabled version of the G Watch we have heard about, and it's rumored that the device would first launch in South Korea on the U Plus carrier before potentially making its way into other markets. It's also possible that this is just the model number for the variation of the G Watch that will be sold through U Plus with no SIM at all. There is little information regarding the details of this model number for now but more information is bound to pop up as we head into the summer. What do you think of the alleged watchface designs and the supposed boot animation?

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