AH Primetime: Google Glass Will Quickly Go From Ridiculous To Indispensable



Do you remember hearing about something new and thinking that you would never need one of those or use one of those things?  For me, it was the internet (yes, that's how old I am) – my youngest brother was telling me about the internet and I said to him, "what good is the internet," and of course he freaked out at how stupid a question it was.  I used my Apple IIe (I told you I was old) quite a bit, but never had an internet connection.  For my Mother, it was a microwave – she cooked all of the time and said, "What am I going to do with that thing," and within a year or two, she never knew how she lived without one.  Google's Glass is one such product – many people are making a lot of fun of them now, for whatever reason, but within a couple of years, I have a feeling most of us will wonder how we survived without them…especially businesses.


I especially dislike it when people criticize a product before they even had a chance to try it out for themselves – many people (myself included) cannot visualize all of the possibilities of a product until they actually use it for themselves. I think Google Glass is a lot like that – it is still in its developmental stage and it looks like an 'experiment,' now. However, they are getting past the beta stage and the designers are closing on finalizing how it will really look in the 'real world.' You can see the original style above and how they will look after designer Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) put them through her design studio – all of a sudden they don't look so 'Star Trekkie,' but like something you could actually wear to dinner party and not be ridiculed.

Many professionals really have a problem with Glass – Jeff Bercovici of Forbes said: "Whatever the faults of Glass as a device, the backlash it has encountered during its prolonged beta test period is the result of misjudgments made in the campaign around it."

Gene Marks, from Forbes said: "It's designed poorly. I bet if Steve Jobs were around now he'd chuckle every time someone wearing Google Glass walks by. Don't worry Steve – the rest of us have got your back. Google Glass looks ridiculous. And too obvious."

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DVF Made for Glass Main

I disagree and so does Jim Edwards of Business Insider.  Bercovici claims that Google had too long of a "test period" and subsequently received a backlash in negativity. This type of product needs a lot of testing, and support from third party application developers – Google knows this and is really in no hurry to release a half-baked product. I believe that Google knows that Glass could either fall flat on its face or turn in to something extraordinary, and Google does not care or worry about the negative press – I think they eat that up because in the end Google knows that that naysayers will be eating their words.

Gene Marks claims Glass was "designed poorly," "looks ridiculous," and "too obvious." People, they are still being beta testing and just like ANY prototype, the finished product will not be any of the above – again, look at the DVF designs where you can hardly tell Glass is there. Steve Jobs, if he were still around, may chuckle, but it will be Google laughing all the way to the bank.


It is true that some people have been ridiculed for wearing Glass – one of the reporters from Business Insider was attacked for wearing them in the "wrong" part of town.  And it made national news when a person went into a restaurant  and was asked to take them off.  You have heard the saying, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself" – well this is a perfect example of people's misunderstanding about what Glass can really do for people, especially business people.  Yes, there are simple apps for Glass – the typical Instagram-like photo apps, and the Google Maps app to direct you to your destination, but there are important applications that can make working a whole lot easier.  Imagine cooking a dish with the recipe right before your eyes – completely hands and book free. Glass will become a necessity for security use – police departments, security firms, military units, bouncers, mall cops, etc., all have a use for the capabilities of Glass.  It's like wearing a camera monitor all the time, helping with investigations, recording facts for the court systems, helping to prevent abuse accusations directed against police and criminals, great for recon missions, and so much more.

What about first responders like firefighters – sending live video of the fire scene back to the station and Glass could be invaluable to arson investigators, recording the scene inch-by-inch.  EMT's could send visual shots back to the hospitals before they arrive, doctors could immediately view a patient's files during a critical emergency room visit, or see a patient's chart just by looking at a barcode on the door.  Surgeons could wear them during an operation and a specialist across the country or world could offer assistance.  Glass can also be used as a teaching tool, allowing students to watch a surgery, a court case, and so on and so forth. The birth and growth of any new product will run into some growing pains, however, with thorough testing and proper corrections, it can develop into a great product. Give Google a chance with Glass and I think we will see just what an incredible product and contribution they will make in our future…it could be priceless. I am excited to be here at the beginning to see this fabulous technology mature, and God willing, I will still be here to see it to fruition. Let us know on our Google+ Page what you think of Glass – do you believe they are ridiculous or will they play an important part in both personal and business use…as always, we would love to hear from you.