Yahoo Finally Brings News Digest to Android


When Yahoo announced their News Digest app during CES this year, as they also announced Yahoo Tech, it sounds like an excellent idea. However, there were two problems, it wasn't available for Android and it was US only at the time. Today, Yahoo changes that and the app is now available all over the world and works great on Android. News Digest was announced as a curated selection of news, twice a day – once in the morning and again in the evening. The idea is that you'll be up-to-date with some of the biggest stories without having to hunt all over the web, or getting it from just one source.

Yahoo boils down stories and events that their editorial staff think are essential to you, then it collects information from a number of sources all over the web. Key quotes and content such as videos or images are dubbed "Atoms" by Yahoo and are designed to provide you with context while reading about the latest news stories. With so many news apps already available for Android, it's nice to Yahoo (a name known for delivering news) to reinvent the wheel a bit. The app itself is good-looking and will remind users of Yahoo's Weather app. It's sleek, it makes text easy to read and it does what it sets out to do quite nicely. My only complaint at this point is that it does feel a little iOS 7 like in its appearance, but that could chance over time.


I've been looking forward to seeing News Digest launch on Android for some time now. As you might expect, I enjoy reading and I very much enjoy keeping abreast of current events. I check my phone in the morning and when I head to sleep, so the two digest system works great for someone like myself. Some customization would be nice, but these days there's almost a problem with their being too much choice, and settling for one news source seems like cheating yourself at times. Yahoo's News Digest brings together info from sources all over the web to give you key facts and info about certain happenings. It's available in the Play Store and while it's only in English for now, Yahoo says that translations are coming.

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