Worldwide Android News 05/26/14 – Reduced Roaming Charges, Google Play Content and More!


British Airways App Now Actually Useful


For quite some time now, the British Airways Android app has been pretty poor, and not really all that useful. Now though, with its most recent update, the British Airways app is actually useful and now looks like a true Android app. Great for telling you where the gate is and such without having to get your boarding pass out all the time, the app is great for frequent flyers, or even those that just want a smooth experience when they jet off for their holidays or to visit family overseas.


Vodafone Offering Six Months of Netflix with 4G Tariffs


Vodafone UK has already been offering a number of freebies to tempt people to sign on the dotted line for a 4G contract and now, they're adding one more choice. Joining the premium Spotify access and Sky Sports option is six months of free access to Netflix, even if you're already a Netflix customer. To be eligible, you'll need to choose a plan that costs more than £26 a month, which isn't too bad as you'll need to spend to get the extra data if you're planning on watching movies and such on your device. With Netflix now costing £6.99 for new customers, this could be a great way of saving a little money while getting a new streaming service to try out.

Paid Content Now Available in Google's Newsstands in France and Germany



Despite the ongoing controversy with Google and publishers in Germany, paid content is finally making its way to the Play Store's Newsstand in Germany as well as France. That means that being more than just a glorified RSS reader, magazines and subscriptions to other newspapers are now available to be downloaded to your devices. While the selection is going to be a little stale right now, it should get much better over time.

Google's Chromecast has Sold 100,000 Units in Two Months


Google took a long time in bringing the Chromecast across the pond to the UK, but it's been in the UK for some time and now, according to Industry analysts, the device has sold 100,000 or so units. Now, that's perhaps small in comparison to others, but the device is still somewhat niche. With more and more apps supporting Chromecast, we should see more content hit our screens thanks to the little dongle that could. Do you have Chromecast?


Google Play Movies Now Available in Belgium, Philippines, Switzerland and Uganda at Last


Finally, more parts of Europe as well as further a field as Uganda and Phillipines are getting access to blockbuster movies through Google Play. Unfortunately, the selection might not be the best and things will be expensive at first, but everyone has to start somewhere, and starting in the first place is better than nothing.

EE to Reduce Roaming Charges from July 1st




The UK's largest 4G network will be reducing its roaming charges from July 1st this year. Texts will be falling to 5p a message, calls to 15.6p a minute, receiving a call is 4.1p, and if you're not on a special data plan then it's 16.5p per MB. Of course, you can get 100MB of data per day for £2.50 if you'd like. It's still not cheap by any means, but it's nice to see some progress from EE at long last.

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