Verizon/ATT Galaxy S5 Root Bounty Reaches Near $18,000

Remember back when we reported about the Samsung Galaxy S5 root bounty for the first to root the Verizon and AT&T models of the device? At the time the bounty was just under $4,000 which was already a pretty hefty sum, and a nice pull for anyone who would have been able to put forth some time and effort to find and post a viable root method for all to be able to follow and achieve the same goal. As it stands the Verizon Wireless and AT&T models of the Galaxy S5 still have no root method that has been attainable, and users/forum members/eager root enthusiasts are all itching to get their devices rooted for more open capability. Because people in the community want this so bad, the bounty for being the first person to root the device within the required guidelines has risen to a massive near $18,000, which suffice it to say we think would be well worth the time if you have the know how for processes like these.

Root bounties don't come without their risks of course, which could include damaging your own device if you do something wrong. Still if you have what it takes or are confident enough to get the job done, we suggest heading to the XDA forum for the original thread to read the requirements for this action and getting straight to work as you want to beat out the competition.

The amounts offered are coming from various people and ranging from as little as $10 to $4,000 for a single bounty offering added to the total pot. Who knew that the bounty would reach a dollar amount this high? In any case, no matter what the bounty is now if you have the skills to potentially achieve a goal like this, you should waste no more time in delaying your efforts. Jump on over to the XDA thread and read up on the guidelines, which must obviously include proof of the working root completion, and the method/instructions on how to achieve root so others can follow them and root their devices as well. Good luck to anyone who attempts to achieve this, hopefully those models of the S5 will get root soon.

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