Verizon Turns on XLTE Switch, Promises Double the Bandwidth and Speed

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Last week we saw a few leaks and rumors of the next generation of LTE from Verizon which they are dubbing XLTE. Basically it’s using their 700MHz spectrum and is going to provide the network with more bandwidth, and faster data speeds, in areas that are already pretty congested. Which is great news for those on Verizon, and even better news for those in these congested areas. I know that some areas are getting LTE speeds of under 10mbps, so this should help speed things up. Although if you are not on an unlimited data plan, you may not care as much. XLTE is supported on nearly 20 different smartphones on Verizon’s network. That includes the Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S, HTC One M8 and others. Also, you can pretty much guarantee that every device Verizon releases from now on will have XLTE support.

Last week a XLTE commercial leaked out, which you can see down below. We also have the full press release from Verizon below.


XLTE: America’s Best Network Gets Even Better

Faster peak speeds, double the 4G LTE bandwidth in cities coast to coast only for Verizon Wireless customers.

Verizon Wireless today announced XLTE – the next step in ensuring the very best high-speed data experience available on any wireless network in the United States.

XLTE is Verizon’s new way to show consumers that they will now have the benefits of even more capacity on the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, all made possible by taking advantage of AWS spectrum.

“The industry and tech world recognize this is a big deal, and we want consumers to know, too,” said Ken Dixon, chief marketing officer of Verizon Wireless. “We continue to offer the very best network, bar none. Now, XLTE provides an even greater advantage to customers by doubling the 4G LTE bandwidth and providing faster peak speeds in cities coast to coast.”

All customers automatically benefit where Verizon Wireless has deployed XLTE, part of the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering the best experience in wireless. XLTE adds capacity in neighborhoods or areas where demand is high, especially during busy periods like rush hour, lunch times in crowded areas or during events when mobile data use is the highest.

What is XLTE and how does it work?

XLTE delivers faster peak data speeds and a minimum of double the bandwidth to 4G LTE customers in high traffic areas in markets nationwide where AWS spectrum has been activated.

While XLTE network enhancements are invisible to the customer, the mobile experience is not. XLTE Ready devices automatically access both 700 MHz spectrum and the AWS spectrum in XLTE cities. Customers with 4G LTE devices operating solely on the 700 MHz spectrum in XLTE markets also benefit from the extra capacity created by XLTE Ready device traffic moving to the AWS spectrum.

Nearly all of the devices Verizon Wireless sells, including the newest DROID devices, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 and Note 3, and the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, are XLTE Ready when purchased. Today, more than 35 percent of all devices operating on the Verizon Wireless network can take direct advantage of the added capacity that AWS provides.

XLTE is yet another signal of Verizon Wireless’ network leadership as the company continues to innovate on the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network and deliver a superior network experience for its customers.