Verizon Adds New Data Plan Options For Small Businesses, Up To 100GB Of Shared Data

If you own a small business and are using or are thinking about switching to one of Verizon's "More Everything" plan options, the good news is that Big Red has just upped their game and added on three new choices for you to have a selection from when creating the perfect plan for your small business. These new options take aim at those who might need just a little bit more data. If you're already on a More Everything plan or will be soon, then you'll now have the opportunity to set up with 60GB, 80Gb, or 100GB of shared data between everybody on the small business plan. These new options also now allow for up to 50 people on the plan to share that amount of data which Verizon states is the most that any small business plan currently allows.

The perks of these new plans don't stop with data though, if you choose one of the new plan options you'll get unlimited voice, as well as unlimited domestic and international text messaging within the United States. The prices for these new plans are said to start at $450 which is for the lowest plan option of the new three, set at 60GB. If you need a little more shared data and up to the 80GB, your plan price increases to $600, while the largest plan option with 100GB of data would set small businesses back a total of $750. That's also assuming there would be no extra features on the plan of course. There's always room for more fees depending on what other sorts of features you have tacked on so keep that in mind.

Along with new and increased amounts of shared data, small businesses using one of these plans will also get other useful features. Like 25GB of VZW cloud storage for each device so you can keep your business stuff nice and tidy and in once easy to reach spot, and perhaps one of the more useful features is the Mobile Hotspot inclusion so can set up on demand wifi access if needed. You also get access to Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes corporate email, and of course one of Verizon's plans wouldn't be complete without the most important feature, which is "Connectivity to the nation's most reliable wireless network so users can call important clients when needed and share key documents or large files quickly among coworkers." Own a small business? It might be time to look to Verizon for your mobile needs.

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