Could This be the Upcoming Meizu MX4?


These days, it's almost a given that a device is to leak out long before it is officially announced and recently we've seen LG's G3 leak out before it's launched. When it comes to Chinese devices though, social media is used for leaks perhaps more than it is here in the West. Before Xiaomi officially announced their first Android tablet, the MiPad, we had seen and heard quite a bit about it. Now, it looks like one of Xiaomi's closest competitors is gearing up for a new launch of their own. Meizu has been around for some time now and they've been known for high-quality devices in China since before Xiaomi rose to the top of the Chinese game.

A leaked device that could very well be the Meizu MX4 has surfaced on Weibo in China, and the tipster even claims to have spent some quality time with the device as well. While the device doesn't look like much, there's a chance that this is a prototype or something like that. One thing's for sure though, the iPhone influence is still alive and well with Meizu as the microUSB port and speaker/mic placement at the bottom of the device sure looks like something Apple would put together.


Still, Meizu has been doing fairly well over the past year or so, they've been consistently building smartphones with high-end components and they've recently updated their FlymeOS to Android 4.4 KitKat, making them one of the few Chinese manufacturers to offer the latest version of Android. According to rumor, the MX4 isn't going to be the end of Meizu's new devices for this year, with an apparent wave of 5 or so devices launching before the end of the year, including their own tablet to take on the MiPad. Also, it's said that Meizu could well be going international, with the new devices rumored to go on sale in Europe and elsewhere, but does Meizu have what it takes to be anything more than a big brand in China?

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