Top Android Homescreen May 30th Edition: Multicards

May 30, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

This week we’re kicking off a little something different. Instead of doing the top 5 custom homescreens of the month we’re going to be doing one at the end of each work week, so we’ll be starting that off with today’s top custom homescreen. As always I pull these beauties from mycolorscreen, and this particular one caught my eye because of the gorgeous vivid colors and the elegant looking design. It’s called Multicards and was created by none other than GaRyArTs who creates quite a few of these custom homescreens, all or most of them you can find on mycolorscreen.

The Multicards homescreen was said to be inspired by the 9 cards launcher and has a Windows 8 Metro UI design and feel, but just a little bit sleeker. If you like the look of Multicards and want to get this sweet looking design for yourself, it’s available by demand only so you’ll need to head over to the mycolorscreen page for this design, and make sure to hit the “zoom” and “love” buttons, and once you’re done with that you can leave a message in the comments at the bottom of the thread with your email. It’s that simple. There were no details as to what apps GaRyArTs used to make this, but usually people use Zooper Pro and a few other apps to make things happen. You can get all the details by requesting from the creator, so have it.