Top 5 Xposed Modules, May 23rd Edition



Today, we're starting a new series here on Android Headlines, showcasing some of the best Xposed modules we've come across recently. Xposed is great, and if you're not familiar with it, it's a framework that you can apply different modules to in order to change parts of your software. You need to be rooted and some devices require specific modules. It's great for putting the battery percentage in the statusbar, moving the clock as well as more advanced features, too. As this is our first in this new series, we're going to cover some of our favorites. It's worth noting that if you're not au fait with Xposed and how to use the modules, you should get it set up first – if anything below takes your fancy – and we have a How To for you here.



Unicon is one of my personal favorites and if you haven't heard of it and you're a big themer, then you have to download this. What this excellent module allows you to do is to apply icon packs to any launcher, meaning the difficult one that came with your device or the Google Now Launcher. All your packs are neatly listed in the app and it changes icons system-wide as well, which is a real nice touch. I've been using it for a long time now and it lets me get my favorite icon pack – currently Project Hera – on my Nexus 5 while running the Google Now Launcher.

Xposed Gesture Navigation

A great one for tablets, Xposed Gesture Navigation lets you choose gestures and apply them to your device in order to launch apps or navigate through Android. You can have multifinger gestures and swipe or down and so on. It's highly customizable and you can read our review here. While not something too great for smartphones, 10-inch tablet users will surely find a use for being to lock the screen with a three-finger swipe or whatever else they want. It's available from the Play Store.


The Swiss Army knife of Xposed Modules, GravityBox has all sorts of things all rolled into one module for Android 4.1 and above. You can adjust the order and what shows in your quick settings box, mess around with the statusbar and much, much more. It's a great module for those starting out and has a lot of the tweaks you might find in a custom ROM for your device, while allowing you to stay on stock. My favorite feature is the circle battery icon, with the percentage in the middle, which rolls around when you're charging. It's available to download from the Play Store.


Tinted Status Bar

This simple module effectively expands the color of your current app's UI into the statusbar. There are device-specific modules that have this baked in, but this should – in theory – work with whatever you have, but your mileage may vary as the module is currently in beta. This, like Roundr, is a simple UI tweak that can make a lot of difference and you should definitely give it a try, you'd be surprised and how much of a difference it can make. A beta of this app can be found by searching within the Xposed app, but there's a donate version on the Play Store to support the dev.

Wanam Xposed & G2 Xposed

Maybe it's because LG and Samsung are Korean companies, maybe it's because they're in such stiff competition with each other, maybe they just don't like Android as much as we do. Whatever the reason may be, both Samsung and LG have been putting bloated UIs on top of Android for years and while their latest skins – especially in Samsung's case – tone things down a bit, it can all get a little too much. There's obviously a lot of value in these skins, but taming them can make a world of difference. That's what Wanam Xposed does for TouchWiz ROMs and G2 Xposed for LG devices from the G2 onwards (it works great with my G Pad 8.3, too). Wanam Xposed has a pretty long feature list, whereas G2 Xposed is a little more restrained and simple, but they both will offer a lot to those that love their G2s or Galaxy S4s, but just want a little less UI in their faces. Both Wanam Xposed and G2 Xposed can be downloaded from the Play Store.