Top 5 Custom Android Homescreens: May 23rd 2014 Edition


Alright here it is time for the Top 5 Custom Android homescreens for the month of June. As always I have pulled these screens from Mycolorscreen, and all of them will have reference to their respective creators. They do some great work and certainly deserve to be recognized for their time and effort put into making these. Usually you can grab all the homescreen that I post but this time around there are one or two that aren't available yet, however you're always free to contact the creator through mycolorscreen and ask for it. You can also check out our Top 5 customer screens from last month here.  Lets jump into it.

Top 5 Custom Homescreens


Dark Tech

This first homescreen is titled Dark Tech and was created by an individual by the name of Ankit Shah. This is a pretty simplistic screen but has nice clean straight lines and leaves lots of screen space still for icon shortcuts folder or whatever else. It's stated as being made with simply Nova launcher and Zooper, and the link to all the widgets are on the homescreen page at mycolorscreen here.



This next homescreen is titled TagStar and was created by an individual that goes by the name of denver01. This is one of the homescreens that is currently unavailable that I spoke of up above. However denver01 states that if you like it to click the love button and to leave your email. The homecsreen is coming soon. You can jump to the mycolorscreen page for this homescreen here and click the love button if you want to get your hands on it when it's finished.



Future Blue 2

This homescreen is titled Future Blue 2 and was created by an individual named Naveen Bansal. It was put together by using three different apps. Apex Launcher Pro, Zooper Pro(in fact all the screens will probably require Zooper Pro, just sayin)and Popup Widget. There is not tutorial on how to set this one up if you like it but if you jump to the mycolorscreen page for this homescreen here, and click the love button, you might be able to get the creator to give you the details by asking nicely.




This homescreen is simply titled Minecraft and was created by an individual named The Owl. This is for the Minecraft fans out there and the ones that have a love for video games. This particular homescreen looks to be a Themer zip file so if you have the Themer replacement launcher you should be able to install it by downloading the Themer file from the link here on the mycolorscreen page for this homescreen, and be sure to click the love button if you like what the creator has done here.


Orange And Grey

This last homescreen here is from a seasoned professional when it comes to creating custom homescreens. It's titled Orange and Grey and was created by none other than the famous GaRyArTs. His homescreens are always top notch so be sure to click the love button if you like what you see. You can do that by jumping to the mycolorscreen page for the homescreen here. This is also a Themer homescreen set up and the zip file is available "on demand" from GaRyArTs, all you have to do is click the love button and leave your email in the comments section on the page. That's it for our Top 5 Custom Homescreens for June, we'll have a new set for you in July and as always be sure to "Zoom" all the homescreens here when you visit the pages for them to show some appreciation to the creators.

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