Top 5 Custom Android Homescreens Monthly : May 2014 Edition

May 2, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

It’s that time again. Time for the second month of the Top 5 custom Android homescreens. This will be a collection of the top 5 homescreens I have found to be the most unique, cool, and otherwise stylish homescreens that provide a great look but also give some awesome functionality. One of the greatest things about Android is the customization and there are truly some talented people out there putting forth some really cool homescreen styles and themes. There were tons of different homescreens and ultimately too many to choose from, so i narrowed it down to the ones that caught my eye the most. Let’s go ahead and start it off.



This first one is by a familiar name we saw from last month’s Top 5 custom list, GaRyArTs. This Subway homescreen is just about as unique as you can get. The inspired design comes from the layout of the underground subway system, with the subway lines connecting the “destinations” or apps and shortcuts that are laid out on the two different screens. This was posted up on Mycolorscreen, and as of right now the files for the homescreen are available by demand only according to the themes creator. So that means if you like what you see, head on over to the mycolorscreen website and look for this one and shoot a message requesting it for download. If enough people seem to show interest in it we gather that the creator would upload the necessary files, or perhaps they’ll just provide them to those who ask. Don’t forget to Zoom it if you like the design.



This next homescreen is from an individual that goes by the name of Bender64. We’re not sure if that’s a Futurama reference or not, but we’ll just go ahead and assume that it is because we have a fondness for the smartass robot. This particular homescreen has a cool kind of glow to it and is set up rather nicely. While all of the app shortcuts on display here are some of the most used for plenty of people, the setup is a combination of Nova launcher, Zooper, simple calendar widget, and Light Go Launcher Ex Theme icon pack, so you can really put whatever app shortcuts you want on the homescreen. You can find this on Mycolorscreen where the files are also downloadable from the creator via a dropbox link, and don’t forget to give the homescreen setup a Zoom.



This theme is a tribute to one of the highly anticipated games of 2014, Watchdogs. It’s a one screen theme but if you like games and are a fan of Watchdogs, you can find this theme on Mycolorscreen and make sure to give the homescreen a zoom. The setup was created by a user named Hapsee, and you can grab the files for download as well the install steps from the page link.



Circuit was created by a user named Pitoko and you can find this homescreen at Mycolorscreen. A full description of the theme and what apps/files were used is on the theme page at the link, along with a link to Pitoko’s G+ page where he has the links to download the needed Zooper files to make the widgets. You’ll need Zooper Pro for this.

trixus presentation_original


This last Homescreen was also found on Mycolorscreen and was created by a user named Dion Rahadian. The setup is made up of three homescreens using apps like Zooper. This was a theme made for Themer though so you’ll need that app installed to use this homescreen setup. The download file for the can be found on the Mycolorscreen page link above.