Titanfall Live Wallpaper Now Available from NVIDIA!

May 21, 2014 - Written By Brad Gesullo

If you’re a fan of the highly successful Xbox and PC game Titanfall, then we have some exciting news for you! No, its not that Titanfall is coming to your Android device, although that would be amazing.  The folks over at NVIDIA have released a Titanfall live wallpaper for your Android device!

Titanfall has seen a ton of success in the past few months, becoming one of, if not the fast selling video game of this generation. The wallpaper is pretty well done! In it, you have a picture of a Titan and a foot solider. Now, if you have never played the game, a Titan is a robot, that your solider, or character can get into, to help increase your odds at winning the battle you are in.  Also in the background of the live wallpaper you have different Titans fall from the sky, which is what happens when you summon your Titan, dubbed ‘Titanfall’ in-game. When you slide back and fourth between your different wallpapers, the lights on the Titan light up as well. 

The live wallpaper is very simple to load up onto your device. Simply download the live wallpaper from the Google Play Store, and set the live wallpaper as your background. I usually set it for both my lock screen and my wallpaper background, however you can do on or the other if you prefer to do it that way if your device allows for such a thing. A friendly warning, having a live wallpaper on your device can decrease your battery life on your device. Pretty much with a live wallpaper, the wallpaper is always running in the background, taking away from part of your battery life.  Hit the button below to get this cool live wallpaper on your device and let us know how you like it in the comments below.