Theme your Homescreen Icons With A Stock Launcher Using Beautiful Icon Styler

May 19, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Customization on Android has always been a big deal, but there are plenty of users on Android and a good number of people have no idea how to switch out icon packs, home launchers, or that something like that is even possible. Icon packs are probably one of the best things that has come to the Android customization scene in a long time, but the downside is that there really hasn’t been an easy way to customize your icons without having a home launcher app installed like Nova, Apex, GO, or others. There have been ways to skin the homescreen icons for quite some time but the process isn’t easy and most people would shy away from it.

Beautiful Icon Styler changes all that, by letting you apply any and all icon packs that are compatible with either Nova or Apex as the theme for icons on your homescreen even if you’re using the stock launcher that came with your phone, and the process is easy, painless, and quick. To recap, Beautiful Icon Styler only works with icon packs that are compatible with Nova and Apex, it also only themes the icons on your homescreen and not in your app drawer, so if you’re looking for an option to theme icons in the drawer as well, you’ll just have to bite the bullet and install a launcher of some sort. The nice thing about Beautiful Icon Styler is that the app also makes it easy to find icon packs to apply.

It has sections for free and paid icon packs, and by tapping on any of the icon packs listed on either of those sections you’ll be taken to the Play Store to download and install. After the process is done you can go back to Beautiful Icon Styler and refresh your icon pack list, and choose the one that suits you best by hitting the “apply” button. The app is free to download but only gives you three chances to style with an icon pack, after which you either have to pay $0.99 to unlock the full version or you can send invites out to friends with a generated link to install Beautiful Icon Styler, and if two of those invites install the app using your link, you get the full version for free of charge.