Stephen Elop Says Nokia Will Make More Android Phones, Even Under Microsoft


One of the biggest and most major news items in recent history has been Nokia's mobile devices division sale to Microsoft. Prior to this, the struggling Finnish manufacturer had an exclusive agreement with Microsoft to produce smartphone devices based on the Redmond-based software giant's Windows Phone OS - which was in competition to Google's Android and Apple's iOS software platforms. However, Windows Phone failed to make a dent in the rising tide of Android and neither could it compete with the fierce loyalty of the iSheeps - sorry - Apple fanboys. This is when Nokia decided to toe a line which would appease its big brother Microsoft and would also allow them to take benefit of another OS platform - Android.

Nokia has recently concluded a long running project - Project Normandy - which saw the commercial production of three Android devices - the Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia XL+. These devices were announced for developing countries where Nokia was once held in high regard during the dumbphone - or Symbian - era. However once the takeover of Nokia is complete, and the rebranding of their facilities to Microsoft's brand have started, the future of the Nokia X series was in doubt. However, ex-CEO Nokia - Stephen Elop - has once again come to the rescue of the brand stating that Nokia will continue its commitment to Android and will release more Android phones on the lines of the Nokia X series - even under Microsoft. Interestingly, Elop has joined as a senior executive at Microsoft, and his statement does have a ring of logical correctness to it. Windows Phone never made a mark on the mobile scene in a big way, Android is the current reigning champion by the sheer number of devices being sold. Also the Nokia X series runs on a forked version of Android which allows Nokia (and by extension - Microsoft) to forgo any Google affiliations and instead pander their services through the Android platform on these devices.

Stephen Elop also states that with the Nokia acquisition, Microsoft has added close to a billion users to their brand and if used wisely, this could turn out to be a big win for the Redmond giant. However, the Nokia X series still has to prove its worth, and what Microsoft actually manages to accomplish with this strategy is yet to be seen. Let's just wait and watch. In case you own a Nokia X series device, do let us know what you think of Microsoft services on an Android device? Is it really worth it or you'd prefer an Android-only phone? Our comments section awaits.

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